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Color Photographs
The hand printing is realized by the author on « fine art » pH neutral paper using pigmented inks.
Each copy is numbered and signed on the reverse. Only some images on the website are for sale.


Format : Format image : Price :
30 cm x 40 cm 30cm 200 €
33 cm x 48 cm 40cm 300 €
60cm x 80 cm 70cm 600 €
Grand format sur demande spéciale.
Frais d’expéditions à la charge de l’acheteur.



The series seen on the website are available in exhibition frames,
framed under glass in the format 40 x50cm and 60 x 80cm.
Shipped in packages of 5 or 10 images from Marseilles.



Most of these shots were realized with medium and large format cameras and color negatives.